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42 Dental

Project type

Advertising Campaign





In order to attract both young people starting their careers and dental assistant who are looking to move companies, we developed a range of possible messaging routes.
The idea here is to be daring. TikTok is a platform saturated with content, and standing out from the crowd is a difficult task. That’s why this idea is designed to be more playful. When you’re working with 10 second clips and even shorter attention spans, creating fresh, unique, never-been- done-before content is key to grabbing a Gen Z audience’s attention.

For a more playful take on traditional dentistry adverts, we developed a suite of assets designed to dispel notions that dentistry is a closed career reserved only for the highly educated.
There are plenty of routes into dentistry, so we focused on accessible, light-hearted educational concepts.
Giving people the opportunity to chat to a young person who looks like them, who comes from a similar background, opens up these roles to young people who might not have considered a career in dentistry.
A live q&a session offers a sense of reliability. It also allows people to ask questions, get an insight into life as a dental assistant, and convey our benefits messaging to a wider audience.

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